Just for Dance Students


Hi Dancers,


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We want to hear from you!

You have a voice and it’s important to us. Share your thoughts, stories and insights with us.

Dance Students have a Voice too!

We are excited to accept you into our student focus groups.
This group allows you to have a voice in the magazine’s articles.
If you are chosen to participate in a topic discussion, your opinion and feedback will be published with or without your picture and your name and comments will be added to the article.
Share your opinions, experiences and feedback with your peers.
Your participation is important to us and to the whole dance community.
Participation is open to all ages.

We will occasionally ask you for your opinion about certain topics. If you would like to be a part of our forum and focus group, please sign up below. We will contact you when its pertinent to the article. Your name, and sometimes, your image will be used for these stories.

Participate here!

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