How Dance Studios are Making the Most of their Space

Pulling Double Duty: How Dance Studios are Making the Most of their Space


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Dance studios are a thriving business today, and they are seemingly on every block in every city you come to. Often, these businesses typically have limited hours during which they open for business, as can be the nature of being an after-school activity. However, many dance studios are now getting creative and innovative in finding ways to use their space during non-class hours to both help their businesses financially and provide much needed and/or wanted services for the community.

Most dance studios open in the mid-afternoon, between 2pm and 4pm, depending on the class demand and area school hours, so that leaves the entire morning and midday open for them to rent out their space as they wish.

Many studios have started to partner with schools, both public and private, to rent out their studio space.


One such school is Abella’s School of Ballet in St. Augustine. They have four dance studio rooms, but one has recently been converted into a virtual learning center for their school’s home-schooled and virtual students by renting out the space to the St. Augustine Virtual Education Center. They have partnered with each other to create a program for their pre-professional dancers who wish to study ballet full time and take virtual classes for their academics. They also offer their virtual education services to anyone in the community who wants to enroll in the program. Students who attend any accredited virtual school can enroll, and they also receive the benefits of teacher-supervised learning, enrichment activities such as art, music and dance classes, and an environment where “students are encouraged to reach their complete academic and untapped artistic potential.”

Dance studios all over are realizing the potential that their space has to offer other businesses that are related and/or beneficial to their own. Many dance schools use their morning hours to offer fitness classes for adults. Studios are also renting their space to private music teachers, photographers and workshop groups to offer open space for their lessons, sessions and meetings. Spotlight Dance Center in Orlando, FL, allows professionals who rent their studios to offer private piano and voice lessons and photography sessions in their studio space, by appointment. Some studios even work with community and professional productions like The Nutcracker to offer rehearsal space while they are choreographing, teaching and setting their show.

Dance studios have also been utilizing their space to offer extra classes and events for their own students.


Arts Edge School of Dance in Fleming Island, FL offers several events each week for their young or home-schooled students and/or their parents. Every Friday, the studio offers an Art class, taught by a professional art teacher, where the students can recreate a high-quality painting step-by-step with the instructor. The studio also offers fitness certification classes/workshops, birthday parties, photography sessions, movie showings and crafting workshops led by community and professional experts to their students during non-class hours.

All of these partnerships and extra offerings can both help students feel that they are getting the most from the studio and also help keep up the studio’s financial well-being. Each studio may need or want to rent out or use their space for different things, but there are always ways to get the most out of a studio when it isn’t filled with dancers.

If you have space to rent out to the community please submit your availability to so we can share it.


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