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Dance Day established in 1982 and promoted by the International Dance Council

CID at UNESCO celebrated in every country of the world by many millions of dancers, professional as well as amateur


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01.  Dance Day 2017

Visit to find the official DD message to be read at celebrations, as well as ideas, guidelines, events. Send your poster or flyer to be posted there.

02.  Lviv, Ukraine

The President of CID will be in Lviv, Ukraine, 13 to 19 March to meet CID Members and attend International Certification ceremonies. Non-Members can ask for an appointment. The Lviv Section CID plans to open a Dance Documentation Center, please send material to them.

03.  Cooperation with the World Food Program

The United Nations WFP offers meals every day to 80 million persons in 80 countries, visit  CID looks for volunteers to teach dance to children fed by WFP in poor areas.

04.  Festival in Uzbekistan

Festival “Melodies of the Orient” to be held under the patronage of UNESCO in Samarkand, Uzbekistan 25-30 of August 2017 invites companies from all countries.

05.  Contemporary dance festival in Germany

In Berlin, 26 June to 16 July 2017. Send your performance proposal.

06.  Festival in Delhi, India

14 to 17 December 2017 but you can stay up to 11 days. Board and bed is free of cost. No registration fees or charges. Hotels for leaders & host families for young dancers (age 12-19). Performances, interactive events, workshops, sight-seeing.

07.  Social media and other media

Count the ways you can contact CID: letter, telephone, fax, mobile phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, WhatsUp, Viber,, Instagram and of course visiting our offices. Its Secretariat works 24 hours 7 days a week replying in many languages. No other organization can match this, we are the champion of communication!

The CID Circular is sent every month to all Members of the CID and over 20,000 other dance professionals in 200 countries.

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