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About Us

DANZ’N is a dance focused community magazine. We are your guide to dance events, news, updates and more. Our mission is to serve, support, and promote dance development, events, related news and the businesses that supports and compliments them.

It’s also our mission to preserve the art of dance by publishing ongoing events, festivals, and workshop that will increase the public knowledge and appreciation of dance in your neighborhood, sharing and increasing exposure to the general public and all dance aficionados. We bring to this market the additional knowledge of best business and services in their area that will serve them best. We are the connector between the Dance Community and the local businesses that serve them.

In each issue DANZ’N introduces the community to dance studios or dance personalities that contribute to dance in our state. We also offer cutting-edge information on healthy dance and eating habits, educational articles to help students, teachers and parents on dance related topics in and out of class and products and services that directly benefits our dance society.

In 2008, Karina Felix, with her family, had just returned from Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, where she ran a successful dance studio for six years, taught dance at the public and private schools and was very involved with TCI Friends of the Arts Foundation. She has traveled to Cuba and Pennsylvania with her students to attend Intensive Dance training programs.

After subbing and teaching dance in several locations around West Palm Beach, In December of 2009, she  launched – The Dance Magazine of Florida,  as a way of bringing the dance community together and to showcase the wealth of talented and professional dance entities within Florida – The new dance mecca in the USA.

Living in Royal Palm Beach, FL, she started approaching the studios in her area and has gradually and consistently been expanding and reaching further into Florida’s counties and cities. She knew from the beginning that the magazine could offer much to dance in a way of promotions and support, by sharing this information not just with the dance community but also the general public with an interested in the arts. By sharing insights, stories and opinions, both communities can reach a central point that will lead to the preservation of dance in Florida.

“As time has passed, I couldn’t imagine for a moment what the actual result of the magazine would be, said Felix, “but the response and acceptance has been amazing and so rewarding. My motto is – once a dancer, always a dancer. We will always be connected in one way or the other because of our love and passion for dance.”

The magazine is a reflection of a growing dance community with an interest in sharing their knowledge and expertise and the surrounding services and products that compliment this genre as it continue to evolve throughout the years allowing our readers to make informed choices when making important decisions.

There are various ways you can benefit from and support DANZ’N. DANZ’N is a Free publication distributed to the community. It’s ongoing existence is attributed to our advertising partners.

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