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Dance Bag Essentials for Every Dancer

With the new dance season upon us, students and their parents are getting ready for classes, and their first stop is likely the dancewear store. We all know we need the basics for all of our classes that are beginning this fall: leotards, tights, shorts or skirts and dozens of pairs of shoes. But there are also other, equally important items that many of us don’t think of right away. Here is a list of essentials that every dancer should have in their dance bag, just in case.

Attention Ballerinas:

• Sewing kits are a must have! Ribbons can snag and elastic can wear, so be prepared to fix your shoes up in a pinch between classes if you see anything coming undone. This way, you and your shoes will always be ready to do your best in class.

• Too much choreography to remember at once? Start bringing a Flip or other small video camera to class. Always ask your teachers permission before filming their choreography, but if they let you, having everything you have to learn on video will help you practice better at home after class.

• For tappers: A small screwdriver set. These come in very handy when screws start coming loose, and this can happen much more often than you think! (It doesn’t hurt to grab a few extra screws from the dancewear store either.)

• No running!
– Clear nail polish is a time honored remedy for a run in the tights.

• Over-the-shoe shoe covers, so dancers don’t get their dance shoes dirty, worn or damaged while walking around outside or even in the studio’s waiting room.

• Hairbrush, bobby pins, hair nets and anything else a dancer needs for a perfect bun, because the last thing any ballerina wants is to get kicked out of class for being out of proper dress code.

• Masking or duct tape can be very helpful in case of major shoe breakage, tears in your dance bag or instant adhesive for hats and other body props.

• And extra pair of shorts. You never know when you might have to step outside the studio for a moment, and it’s always good to be covered up in front of your paparazzi.

• Safety pins are useful as quick fixes for wardrobe and shoe malfunctions.

• Ace bandages, band-aids and other first aid items.

Just in case!


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