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Want to Be Financially Secure-Start NOW!

Want to Be Financially Secure-Start NOW!


My “kids” call me a “Silverback” so I’ll let you guess my age. What I will tell you is that I hope that you listen to me, as they have listened to me. You should also know that I’m one of the few American males who not only knows but has practices First Position, Second Position, etc. and actually has a real appreciation for Dance. With one daughter who works for the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago and several friends in “the business” one of the greatest concerns I have is that in the pursuit of their art, too many artists fail to build their wealth for that time when they are no longer able to teach or to perform. I recently donated money for a wonderful artist who had been ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease and had no funds left.

There are some simple steps you can take, NOW, to secure your financial future.


First, understand that there is power in the Social Security system in this country. It is one of three legs of your retirement stool and because it is such an institution, I doubt that it will go away in my or your lifetime. It may change and as we live longer, “retirement age” may be much longer than 65, but, my money is on it’s being there as a significant benefit for artists. As a result, contributions into the system are critical for two reasons: Disability and Death. If you haven’t contributed in even minimal amounts, you’re not going to be covered. As a result, even independent contractors should declare some wages and pay into the system to ensure that they are covered.

Second, if you rely upon your health for your income, you should consider what might happen if you were unable to work due to health concerns. Disability insurance coverage, particularly with artists who rely upon their physicality must be protected and whether you self insure through savings or by purchasing disability coverage for yourself, you must protect against an untimely accident that might cause your source of income to cease.

Lastly, begin to save for retirement NOW.


You can do that by saving that $20/week you might spend on a latte or through disciplined savings. Contribute to a retirement plan, whether it be an IRA or Roth IRA or to your company’s 401k or 403B plan. Begin saving now. It will pay big dividends in the future.

Protecting against loss of earnings, contributing to Social Security, and beginning to save now are relatively simple concepts and easy to implement. They pay big dividends to artists in later years.

When you put this article down, find out what your current social security benefits are by logging into; find out if your company provides disability insurance; start a disciplined savings program so that you being to grow your wealth.


About the author: Curt Lyman is the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management and Alpha Beta Gamma Retirement Solutions. He has been the President/CEO of three nationally known trust companies and is a “recovering” attorney. He gives of his time freely to help companies and artists design financial strategies to protect their financial futures. See


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