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Dancewear Corner

Dancewear Corner

Cover Spotlight March/April 2015

WcoverEstablished in 1996, this family owned and operated business began serving the Central Florida area dance community literally, in the corner of a local dance studio. As the story goes, a dance mom at the studio thought it would be fun and easy to purchase some dancewear and sell it to the studio. As it turned out, it wasn’t that easy! The studio owner approached Rosemary DeMott who was teaching at the dance studio, and asked her, “isn’t your husband (Jon DeMott) a business man?” Would you guys like to take this over? Having just survived a corporate merger and subsequent downsizing, they thought that it might be a smart idea to start something on the side. Upon completion of a new building, the Dancewear Corner opened its first dance retail location in Kissimmee Florida.

Rosemary initially worked the store on her own for the first year while Jon took care of all the marketing and accounting duties on his days off from his corporate job. As the business grew, they brought on new team members to help with the growth. After purchasing a home in Clermont, Florida Rosemary and Jon decided to open their second retail location in 2002 and by 2005 purchase a building in historic downtown Clermont.
It quickly became apparent by the growth of the business that to effectively manage the growth, Rosemary and Jon would need help. As a little bit of luck and good timing would have it, a longtime friend and co-worker in the corporate world, Sandra Quigley, had recently married and was looking to exit the demanding world of the restaurant business and start something new.

Sandra joined DWC in 2007 and in 2009 along with her husband Tim Quigley became partners in Dancewear Corner. With this new partnership in place, a plan was set into action to expand and relocate the Dancewear Corners retail and e-commerce businesses to a more centralized and expanded location. After extensive research and planning, they settled on its current location located in the heart of Orlando, just a few miles outside the Orlando International Airport. “We wanted to get all of our dancewear, teams and resources under one roof so that we could better service the dance community”, says Jon DeMott. In 2012 the DanceWear Corner expanded into the nearly 10,000 square foot facility with over a 6,000 square foot dancewear showroom.


To recognize DWC’s expansion to the Orlando store, they hold an anniversary event in August. The celebration includes huge discounts and giveaways to all our customers, and performances by local dance studios and companies right inside the superstore on the DWC stage. This is always a fun day where they can bring together the central Florida dance community and show their immense appreciation. DWC is a proud sponsor of three Orlando dance companies, Me Dance, Emotions Dance and Dawn Branch works and promotes and attends their performances, fundraisers, and other events. DWC is also a proud member of Unity and sponsors the Dance Studio Owners Scholarship providing Studio Owners the opportunity to advance their business skills.

Every year DWC holds a nationwide Model Search inviting dancers and models to apply for the opportunity to win a spot as one of the DWC top models. This contest is a combination of in-person interviews held at the Orlando Superstore and online voting through DWC’s social media thereby giving their fans and followers the chance to vote for their favorite contestants. Once the top models have been chosen, multiple photo shoots throughout the year are held and the DWC Models are offered the opportunity to perform at the anniversary celebration along with other DWC events.
DWC likes to keep their social media pages fun, current, and interactive for their friends, fans and followers. They hold online contests regularly giving them chances to win various prizes and dancewear as well as repost fan photos to give dancers the opportunity to be recognized for their talents.

The DWC Superstore offers the largest variety of dance shoes, dancewear, and dance accessories in the Central Florida area. From dancewear basics to the latest fashion, DWC has you covered. It is not your typical dancewear store. Our goal is to consistently have new and exciting options for our in-store and online shoppers. No trip to Orlando will be complete for a dancer without a visit to the Orlando Superstore. Shop online at

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