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Kathleen L Davenport, MD

Kathleen L Davenport, MD is board certified in Physiatry and Sports Medicine. She works at Memorial Healthcare System and specializes in Sports, Performing Arts and Dance Medicine.


As a lifelong dancer, I know the passion people feel for sports, performing arts and active hobbies, such as running, tennis, and racing in triathlons. These activities offer a way for people to express themselves, bond with others, and are a huge part of their lives.

When patients come to me with an injury or are suffering with pain, my priority is helping them heal so they can get back to doing what they love. This is why I specialize in sports, performing arts and dance medicine.

I treat patients with a wide variety of injuries including musculoskeletal injuries, joint problems, overuse injuries, and more. I offer injections if needed to help ease swelling and pain, as well as physical therapy to heal muscles and help patients regain strength. While I do not perform surgery, I work closely with surgeons who can perform the procedure while I manage your care and help you get back on your feet.

In addition to caring for patients, I am also actively involved in research. My current research explores injuries among dancers, considers if medical screenings for dancers might help prevent injuries, and focuses on the effectiveness of current musculoskeletal treatments.

By learning how and when dancers get hurt, I hope we can provide more education to those in the performing arts to help them prevent common mistakes that lead to injury.

I am also actively involved in local, national, and international dance organizations, and am the company physician for the Miami City Ballet.

Every patient is different and no two injuries are the same. I think education is key, and help my patients understand what has caused the injury or discomfort. Then, we discuss the treatment options and choose one that is right for them based on their lifestyle and goals.

If you are feeling discomfort, trying to work through an injury, or have concerns, make an appointment today. The earlier you get help, the more treatment options are available and the faster we can get you back on the field, stage, or court.


Kathleen L Davenport, MD

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