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What are they saying about DANZ’N!!

We are proud to be a loyal advertiser promoting our events, fundraiser, performances and educational programs and we can honestly say DANZ’N is the most powerful magazine specialized in dance in South Florida.
Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida is turning 20 and since our inception we have been offering professional performances and also educational programs for the community that include the Summer Intensive Program of Russian Technique. The program used to attract many students from abroad and from out of state but very few Floridians. Since we have partnered with DANZ’N we now attract more local students and the attendance to all our educational programs and performances has grown considerably.
Thank you. Ruby Romero-Issaev, Executive Director, Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida


Great Publication for a Great Dance Community
Feb 26, 2016 by Joseph J. Bucheck III, Performing Character Artist, Graphic Artist, Photographer, Works with many great studios

DANZ’N, paired with a great and always current website, is such an valuable resource for the entire dance community. DANZ’N is a wealth of information. Over the years, it has been a pleasure to watch it grow, evolve and truly refine itself, while always keeping me up to date.

Publisher Karina Felix does an excellent job covering the many and varied topics which directly pertains to dancers, company artistic directors, school directors, schools, companies, students, teachers, and the like. With such a large “reach” into everything going on with the great dance happening here in the State, it is so important to have such an incredible asset as World of Dance Magazine to keep everyone informed.
Thank you for an exceptional publication.

Joseph J. Bucheck III
Performing Character Artist, Graphic Artist, Photographer

Great Dance Mag
Feb 02, 2015 by John Koterba, Lightning Videos

A Great informative Magazine.
Should be in every theater and Dance Studio.
John Koterba.
Lightning Videos.

Oct 02, 2014 by Toranika Washington, Dance Director, Choreographer, University School of Nova Southeastern University

Ms. Karina Felix publisher of  DANZ’N is a cup overflowing. She provides dance enthusiast, practitioners and professionals with current dance news and events in Florida dance arts. Her positive efforts towards developing a global dance community are incomparable, and we are blessed to have her on our team. Go World Dance Magazine Go!

Dance Teacher/Certified Wellness Counselor
Jun 02, 2014 by Joanne Dougherty, Founder, The Dancer’s Answer for a healthier body

I would like to thank Karina Felix for her encouragement to write my story of why I feel nutrition it is so important today for dancers. Karina always finds information that is helpful to encourage dancers on how to be healthier. Being in the Dance World for so many years and reading many dance magazines I recognized immediately after meeting with Karina that she and her magazine brings something very special and different to the dance world. Her concept of personal stories and accomplishments of dancers is heartwarming and educational. I love, love, World of Dance Magazine, it is a keeper!! Great Job WoDF always something new and innovative to learn. Joanne Dougherty, The Dancer’s Answer for a healthier body.

Always Checkin’ My Mail…
May 20, 2014 by Diane Swirka, Public Relations Manager, Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy ~ KED

As a small studio (but continuing to grow!), we like to keep tabs on what the ‘biggie’ studios down south are doing and learn from them. Danz’n provides those snapshots of information for us to emulate!
Thanks for doing a fine job, Karina and Danz’n!

 FDM Really Enjoys WoDF!
May 13, 2014 by Valerie Weld, Publicity Chairman, Florida Dance Masters

It’s true! Members of Florida Dance Masters have been very pleased to become advertisers and find the magazine to be great for keeping up on what’s happening all over the state!

Competition Studios Attend Leap! National Dance Competition
May 11, 2014 by Drew Vamosi, Owner/Executive Director, Leap! National Dance Competition • 

DANZ’N deserves a standing ovation! I decided to advertise in your magazine and I saw a significant increase in the number of studios attending Leap! You have a client for years to come!!!!
Drew Vamosi, Owner/Executive Director, Leap! National Dance Competition

Thank you for the support!
May 09, 2014 by Patricia Strauss, Director-pre-professional ballet division and CEC Youth Ballet Company,  Conchita Espinosa Conservatory

I am always excited to receive my issue of World of Dance Magazine. The May issue was with increased anticipation because of my article “My Journey Full Circle” was published. Thank you so very much for including this in your magazine. We all are so very grateful to have this magazine and for bringing our dance community together. I love reading about other teachers, studios and directors. Sincerely, Patricia Strauss

Thanks to WoFD
Mar 15, 2014 by Richard Steinert, Artistic Director, Ballet Pensacola

Cheers and thanks to World of Dance Magazine for helping all of the dance organizations in our state to stay connected, supported and appreciated. With everyone’s busy schedules, it is great to have this magazine as a resource as well as entertainment. Thank you for the work you do on our behalf.

Can’t miss an issue !!
Jan 16, 2014 by Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, Ruby Romero-Issaev, Marketing Director (North Miami,Fl)

Congratulations on a great informative outlet for local dancers in South Florida! The Dance Magazine of Florida is an honest and fantastic publication that supports all dance organizations in South Florida and keeps us informed of what is going on in our Sunshine State. Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida is proud to be featured in your magazine. Keep up the wonderful work !! Can’t miss an issue !!

Dance Magazine anticipation!
Feb 17, 2014 by Stephanie Lee, Dance Retail Store, Owner

Love the magazine! We are always so excited to receive our copies. They go right out of the box and right onto our counter!Every customer that sees the magazine wants one and we run out quickly! The amount of information packed in every issue is astonishing. This is a real “go to” publication for the serious dancer!

Gratitude for being in your magazine
Feb 07, 2014 by Chelsea Nasby, Ballet East, Owner [former Susan Lyle Studios]

I just wanted to write you to express my gratitude for giving the studio and I the wonderful opportunity of being in your magazine. My phone is ringing off the hook with parents and students that are so excited about the article. Many friends of our students are showering them with compliments because of the article and their pictures in the magazine! Thank you again, I absolutely love the way the article turned out and Kenny is very grateful for the photo credit for the March/April Issue/Cover.
I would like to congratulate you and wish you and The Dance Magazine of Florida continued success.
Chelsea Nasby
Director of Susan Lyle Studios
2214 Jog Rd. Greenacres, FL 33415

Keep it up!
Jan 16, 2014 by Boca Ballet Theatre , Dan Guin, Executive Director (Boca Raton,Fl)

The Dance Magazine of Florida is a publication striving to provide current information to the Florida dance community regarding performances, workshops, competitions and special dance events. DMF makes every effort to request updates and input from Florida dance schools and performing arts organizations, so that all will be included. With email blasts, DMF stays connected to our dance community, offering an additional avenue for the information to be distributed. Great job DMF – keep it up!

Great Resouce
Jan 16, 2014 by Florida Dance Theatre, Carol Krajacic Erkes, Executive Artistic Director and Founder (Lakeland, FL)

This magazine is a great way to find out everything that is happening throughout our state. The reasonable prices for advertising makes it easier for some of the smaller companies and training schools unable to advertise in national magazines. We have gotten great response for our programming through this magazine especially for our summer intensives. Dancers from outside of the state have also used this magazine to find out about Florida opportunities; workshops, intensives, auditions…