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“Which is better? “

“Do you juice or drink smoothies? “

“What’s the difference between them both? “

I am often asked these questions. So I have decided to define the two and let you decide which is better for you. I will also provide some tried and true juice and smoothie recipes for you to experiment with. Just remember, either juicing or blending should not replace whole vegetables in your diet. Having a daily juice or smoothie is an exceptional way to increase your daily nutrient intake. As a vegan, strive to eat 9-12 veggies daily. Get them in any form that you can, including through juicing or blending.

JUICING extracts the water and nutrients from the fruits and veggies and discards the fiber. This is beneficial for those who cannot digest fiber very well. Without the fiber, the juice is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. If you juice with predominantly fruit your blood sugar level will fluctuate causing mood swings and energy highs and lows. Juicing doesn’t usually fill you up since it is missing the fiber. Try to juice with fruits and veggies in combination.

BLENDING or making smoothies utilizes the entire fruit or veggie, which contains the fiber. The fiber gets broken down so it is easier to digest; therefore, creating a slow release of the nutrients into the blood stream and no rapid rise in blood sugar levels. However, you are able to add more veggies and fruits in juicing than in blending because of the fiber extraction. But remember fiber is important in cancer prevention and ridding the body of toxins.
Consume your juices and smoothies within 15 minutes of preparing to benefit from the most nutrients. If you must save until later to drink, please put the beverage in a dark container and place in the refrigerator. You can use frozen ingredients and a frosty glass to keep your drinks cold.

Do you know that in the warm summer months a cold drink is not going to cool you down like a nice warm drink will? So I will also include a great hot drink to cool you.

Amazin’ Blazin’ Beet Juice
3-beets with their tops attached
½” – ginger root
1-fresh chili pepper
1-clove garlic
2-stalks celery
Juice together, drink and enjoy

Cranberry Apple Juice
¾ – cup whole cranberries
Juice together, drink and enjoy

Acne and Skin Cleanser Juice
Handful of spinach
Juice together, drink and enjoy daily

Hemp Chia Smoothie
2-tablespoons hemp seeds
½ – teaspoon cinnamon
2 -medium bananas, frozen
½ -teaspoon ground mesquite seeds* (flour or powder)
2-cups hemp seed milk
1-teaspoon non-alcoholic vanilla
6-tablespoons cacao nibs
2-tablespoons almond butter
1-tablespoon chia seeds*
1-tablespoon brown rice syrup to sweeten a bit
Blend ingredients, drink and enjoy
• Mesquite seeds are high in protein and are low glycemic with a sweet, nutty flavor
• Chia seeds are high protein, high in omega-3’s and 6’s, hydrating, lower blood pressure and have a slight nutty flavor

Vitamin C Blast Smoothie
½ lemon
½ lime
1-banana, frozen
1-cup filtered water
Handful of spinach, collard greens or kale
Blend together, drink and enjoy.

Kate ‘s Allover Good Health Remedy
Handful of kale
¼ -cup of mango slices
¼ -cup of frozen blueberries
1-tablespoon chia seeds
2-cups unsweetened almond or hemp milk
Blend this one for dessert instead of sugary processed sweets:

Orange Chocolate Banana Powerhouse
2-leaves of collard greens
1- large Valencia orange
1- banana
small handful of dark chocolate bits
1-cup coconut milk, adjust to thicken
1-cup water, adjust to thicken
½ -green apple
handful of almonds
2-Medjool dates
2-tablespoons hemp seeds or powder

Here is the hot drink that I promised…

Summer Tea
Bring 4-5 cups of water to a boil
Add ½ teaspoon of fennel seeds, cumin seeds and coriander seeds to water and cover
Boil for 5 minutes more
If you must sweeten use stevia or brown rice syrup
Strain, drink the tea and cool off.

Juicing and Blending Tips:
~As bananas ripen un-peel them and break them in half and store in the freezer, so you can use them frozen in your smoothies
~ Frozen fruits are fine to use in your smoothies. The fruits are usually picked and frozen at their peak.
~Use unsweetened hemp and almond milks and use brown rice syrup to sweeten. It doesn’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike.
~Whenever possible use the following organic variety of fruits and vegetables: apples, bell peppers, blueberries, celery, cherries, grapes, kale, leafy greens, nectarines, peaches, pears, spinach, strawberries
~ Once you get the hang of it start to experiment and create your own favorites.



Author: Kate Corallo

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