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Top 5 Must-Have Apps for Dancers!

What’s your favorite Dance Apps?

You know how difficult it is for our generation to put our phones down. During class you are not allowed to have your phone out, but if your teacher asks what you’re doing you can say “downloading dance apps” and BAM you’re out of trouble! As young dancers we are constantly on our phones or tablets playing on apps and using social media sites. As a dancer myself I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of apps dancers can use on the go. The few apps below are some of the apps I find useful for my everyday routine.



  • Ballet Classes (free) for IPhone

This app allows you to attend a Ballet class without actually attending the class.     The app includes the pianist job by playing music you would hear in a classical ballet class. It also allows you to speed up or slow down the music to your liking. This app would be used to practice at home with the music your teacher would use in a class.

  • Shop4Dance ($0.99) for IPhone

I believe every dancer needs to have this app because with all the competitions and performances we get confused. This app is here for us to organize our dance necessities and also allows us to shop for the items we need! When shows come around we need to buy specific tight colors, shoes, leotards, and makeup. With this app you could note everything you need and purchase it on the same app.

  • Ballet Dance Workout (free) for Android

Burn fat with Ballet! Download this app to strengthen yourself with ballet workouts. Don’t know what kind of workouts to do? Ballet Dance Workout has multiple workout videos for you to watch and download for future use. This app also includes a full barre class workout and many floor stretches for dancers.

  • Ballet News (free) for Android

Do you want to know what’s going on in the world, dance wise? Every dancer should have Ballet News on their phone or tablet. Ballet News is the gossip of the dance world. It has all the information you need to know about dance schools, dancers, and performances around the world.

  • 8Counts ($0.99) for IPhone

If you like choreographing your own routine whether it’s for dance, cheerleading, or just having fun, 8counts is the app for you. This app is for technology users that like things quick and easy. When you come up with a routine you can quickly write out the 8 counts you have in every routine and it places all the information in a spread sheet, easy to read. This app can also let the teachers email the spread sheet to students to learn the choreography.

I hope these apps make your dance life easier and help keep you organized. Send me your top 5 apps and I’ll feature it in the next edition and let me know what your favorite dance app is by emailing:



Kiara Fedele
Contributing Writer


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